No matter what - every human should be treated equally. We all know that's far from the case.
So, we urge you to act, the only thing that will generate change. Unleash your superpowers, act for equality, love and respect.
Act for a tolerant future. 
Enjoy these bottles, sprinkle happy vibes and encourage positive action. Let's unite!
2% of each ACT bottle sold goes to organisations working for human rights.
You can read about the projects we are currently supporting below.
Soulidarity & Human Rights

A non profit organisation aiming to actively help individuals and
minority groups who live in alienation/social exclusion by identifying needs which can be met and finding ways to help.

ROKS - Riksorganisationen för kvinno & tjejjourer i Sverige

Roks is a feministic organisation working against male violence towards women and children by offering shelters around Sweden (currently around 100 shelters). Working for women's and young women's rights and equality.